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Intelligence has many facets. It requires acumen, judgement, insight, sharpness, courage, intuition and brilliance.

At red, these are the smarts we bring to the table to achieve the very best recruitment outcomes. They allow us to fully integrate into your business, to deeply understand your brief and to identify top talent to help take your business forward.

Essentially, we know where people are, and if we don’t, we have the tools and search capacity to find them.

We have been applying our thoughtful and robust approach to recruitment across New Zealand and offshore since 2003. Our offices in Auckland and Hawke’s Bay are particularly strong in Executive Search, but we are committed to delivering excellent results irrespective of the level we recruit at, and that's at all levels - from the front desk to the boardroom.

Talk to us about utilising our recruitment intelligence in your business or if you need to gain insight into your next career move.

leadership team

Business partners Clare Turner and Rachel Cornwall share a lot in common. Both are known for their finely tuned people skills, commercial focus, straight-up approach, and an integrity and passion greater than most when it comes to recruitment.  Their client commitment and commercial nous has secured Red Consulting Group’s place as a recognised leader in the recruitment landscape of New Zealand.


Clare Turner

Founder, Consultant and Managing Director, Auckland based

Clare is well-known and highly regarded in recruitment throughout New Zealand. She established Red Consulting Group in 2003 and continues to lead the Auckland team. Armed with over 20 years of HR and recruitment expertise, Clare has a huge breadth of professional experience and expertise in recruitment, HR and management in the corporate and private sectors in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Although Clare has become a specialist in her executive search capacity, she still remains hands-on and is involved in recruiting for roles at all levels of business.  Dealing with Clare means you will be benefiting from the wealth of experience, and the extensive knowledge that comes from a top drawer recruiter who has lead the appointment of many significant New Zealand roles.


Auckland team (09) 366 7662

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Rachel Cornwall

Consultant and Managing Director, Hawke's Bay based

Rachel joined the business in 2003 and within two years launched Red Consulting Group in Hawke’s Bay. An Otago PhysEd and Commerce grad, Rachel has also completed ongoing postgraduate studies through Massey University. Prior to recruitment her corporate career spanned programme management, business development, sales and marketing strategy. As with Clare, Rachel brings a very strong people-focused approach and a strategic commercial acumen that shines in the recruitment sector. Nestled in sunny Hawke’s Bay, Rachel has developed a particularly strong knowledge of the primary, agribusiness and infrastructure sector. Executive search dominates the majority of Rachel’s work but as with all in the red team, recruits across all levels of business.


Hawke's Bay team (06) 877 6637

Red Team

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Mardi Thompson

Consultant, Hawke's Bay

Mardi has a Masters in Human Resource Management from Macquarie University and is a seasoned sales and marketing executive with a long track record as both the hiring and recruitment manager. Professionally she understands multiple industries and business unit disciplines including healthcare, manufacturing, retail and the primary sector.


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Jo Davenport

Consultant, Auckland

Jo has been well known and highly respected by the team at red for years. She brings a very strong business acumen and wealth of experience spanning industries including healthcare, FMCG, and advertising as well as the exciting and very current ecommerce space. Jo knows what it means to build strong, enduring partnerships and her expertise in marketing and sales strategy outside of recruitment bring real breadth to our client and candidate engagement. Her BCom (Hons) from Otago University prepared her for her marketing roles in both multinational and privately owned organisations in New Zealand and abroad. But it’s the entrepreneurial and private ownership flair that brings the extra string in Jo’s bow. She understands first-hand the importance of building relationships and delivering results that sit at the heart of our unrelenting client focus.  Since joining our team in early 2018 Jo has had a hugely positive impact. 


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Gemma Newland

Recruitment Service Manager, Hawke’s Bay

A career that commenced with a Bachelor of Nursing Degree and a past life as a theatre nurse means Gemma has every little detail covered and everything under control. She joined red in July 2012 and now takes the administration and support management lead. Gemma also manages the desk in relation to all of our Hawke's Bay Temp assignments.


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Pippa Castles

Recruitment Service Manager, Auckland

Pippa comes to red with a multitude of experiences. Holding a Bachelor of Education Degree and a background in Early Childhood Education, she began her career as a teacher before moving into coordination and management. Pippa has also gleaned experiences and skills from the Sales, Service and Marketing industries. Multitalented and multitasking, Pippa joined red in February 2016 and holds the fort in Auckland.


Kim Matthews

Financial Controller, Hawke's Bay

A fully qualified Chartered Accountant, Kim works part-time providing financial expertise to the business. She is also a great sounding board when we are recruiting accounting and senior finance appointments. A long-standing member of the red team, Kim's expertise is appreciated by both her fellow team members as well as our wider client base.


Contact our Auckland team (09) 366 7662
Contact our Hawke's Bay team (06) 877 6637

We believe in

  • Excellence - We strive for it. We never cut corners.
  • Respect - We respect the people we deal with; people respect us.
  • Proactivity - We make things happen. We enjoy going the extra mile to get the right result.
  • Integrity - We do what we say we’re going to do, and we do it willingly.
  • Enthusiasm - There's an intensity about us here at red and we have some fun too, even on really difficult days.
  • Dedication - We deliver outstanding recruitment solutions.
  • Ethics - Always.

Why red?

Quite simply, we understand business and we understand people. Our passion is bringing the best of the two together.

Personal Service

Astute, upfront, and accessible.  Each member of the red team is committed to providing clients and candidates with the very best recruitment solution available.

We're experienced and have a vast range of sector exposure.  We listen and we take time to understand.  We take the time to distill the issues facing each and every client business.  We get to grips with the commercial challenges and issues faced by clients, and we understand what's required to fill each role.  The bulk of our business is from preferred supply clients.  We build lasting employment strategies for these clients.

Thorough & Insightful

We don’t leave any stone unturned in our search for the perfect recruitment outcome.  Sometimes good things take time, but rest assured we are dedicated to delivering the right result.

When searching for the right people we know where to look and the appropriate pathways to follow irrespective of whether we are operating in the Executive search space or helping find the perfect support person.

We operate discretely, searching and recruiting highly prized roles using our vast networks and connections. We facilitate great career transitions.

just quietly


Discretion, professionalism and confidentiality are hallmarks of red’s approach to recruitment. We work hard to understand the commercial parameters of our clients and candidates, and have a clear understanding of information and disclosure.

We protect candidate and client confidentiality throughout every recruitment and search process. As a candidate you have absolute assurance we will not contact anyone without your prior permission.

Privacy Policy

Over the years we have been long standing corporate members of Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA).