Hawke’s Bay

Always a great experience.

Like most companies, Ovation NZ Limited places great importance on recruiting quality people. Over the years we have been faced with the option of conducting recruitment campaigns ourselves or dealing with recruitment consultants. Historically we had a panel of recruitment companies with whom we worked, but after the two best candidates for several consecutive appointments came from the same company, Red Consulting Group quickly became our first choice.Ovation NZ Ltd has worked extensively with red on a number of key recruitment campaigns at a variety of levels within the company.

Positions filled have included Chief Financial Officer, Company Accountant, Management Accountant, Marketing Co-ordinator, Information Technology Administrator, Payroll Administrator and Personal Assistant. In each of these campaigns, red managed the recruitment process in its entirety, ensuring that the experience was as enjoyable and ‘pain free’ for Ovation as possible. They have a professional team that is dedicated to finding the right candidate for the job and it is the attention to detail that they employ in understanding the requirements of the vacancy and the skill set that the candidate has, coupled with their first hand knowledge of our business, our requirements, and the type of candidate that will succeed in our company that makes every placement a successful working partnership.

It is always a great experience working with the staff at red as they are friendly and deal with all of our recruitment matters with urgency and efficiency, ensuring that we find the right person within the desired timeframe. I would have no hesitation in recommending red as a recruitment business partner and Ovation NZ Ltd certainly looks forward to a continued relationship with them.

Willem Sandberg

A breath of professional fresh air.

Rachel and her team at red have been a breath of professional fresh air in the Hawke's Bay recruitment market and provide Advintage with timely, informed advice of the highest standards. They are part of our team now. I wouldn’t make a recruitment move without them.

John Macpherson