Permanent Positions

Executive Search, Permanent Placements & Contract Cover

Whether in relation to Executive Search, for permanent roles or for contract cover at any level in an organisation, our full service, intelligent recruitment solution will be tailored to suit your needs. Key areas to consider, and to know that red provide you include:

A tailored recruitment strategy

We will manage and drive the appropriate recruitment strategy irrespective of the level of the job. This will include, but not be limited to, search, candidate database reference and management and advertising (branded or non-branded).

Managing your employment brand

We will ensure that every level of contact we have (marketing, consultation, interviews and even associated discussions) reflects positively on your employment brand. We will make sure people walk away feeling good about what you do and how you do it.

Role scoping

A full and comprehensive brief is required to identify the key requirements of the position and the essential and desired competencies – we go to great lengths to gather the intel required to ensure we know what you need. We can also support, advise and as necessary point you in the direction of our expert partners in relation to organisation structure, position descriptions and employment documentation.

We use formal and rigorous recruitment processes

Screening and candidate contact

Initial screening spans a wide range on contact, from phone, to skype to face-to-face meetings, well before we advance suitable candidates through to the face-to-face competency-based situational interviewing at red. The very best candidates deemed suitable for specific roles are then short-listed and presented through to clients for interviewing. Those that don’t make shortlists will always be kept well informed of their progress, and we hope given opportunity to work with us in the future.

Search, targeting talent & database management

We know where people are! We maintain and update a current and highly relevant talent management system, with specific industry capabilities and intel capacity. This database is coupled with our vast network and commercial contacts, giving the ‘x-factor’ that enhances the search and identification of suitable candidates to make that insightful partnership.

Skills testing & pre-employment vetting

We have the facilities to rigorously test the skills of all applicants across a comprehensive range of software and competencies, and we have access to skilled psychologists who can provide specific additional testing as required.

Probities are essential – Reference Checking and validation of qualifications are key components. In consultation with you we will arrange:

  • Computer literacy testing
  • Security, Ministry of Justice credit checking (additional charges apply)
  • Co-ordination of psychometric testing (additional charges apply)

Completing the process

Our team is expert in:

  • Tabling of offers and negotiation of conditions of employment. We ensure the details are right and that all parties are happy.
  • Exit interviewing, and many other activities – as required in each scenario.

Talk to us about your recruitment needs.

Temporary Positions

Red Hot Temps is a natural extension of the services of Red Consulting Group Limited.

Our consultants are dedicated to providing responsive, well-suited temporary staff solutions for our valued clients.

As with our permanent and contract recruitment service, we don’t leave any stone unturned in the search. We won’t trade quality for speed, but we are quick!  At red, timeliness and professionalism go hand-in-hand.

All of our temps have been interviewed and checked thoroughly.

what we do

Red offers an integrated recruitment solution. We recruit at every level of business and across most industries from Executive to Administrative Support positions. At any given moment our consulting team is recruiting right across a typical business organisational chart i.e. CEO, CFO, Sales Directors, Engineers, PA's, Business Analysts, etc.  Our clients reflect the diversity of the New Zealand business environment, and there are few industries that we do not recruit within. Yes we are a generalist recruitment consulting business yet we have gained a reputation as experts in some areas including Agribusiness, Infrastructure and Primary industry. We are capable, and regularly recruit highly technical positions and we relish the challenge of searching out those really hard to find people, so don't be afraid to ask.

The red team are regarded as highly experienced recruiters with successful track records across an extensive range of positions.  No position is too big, or too small.  We have trusted partnerships with the people we do business with and we go to great lengths to connect those businesses with the right people.